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Book Review: "Caterina" by Patricia Paris

"Caterina" by Patricia Paris

Publisher: BHC Press

Release date: December 4, 2018

Star rating: 5 Stars

*I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the BHC Press ReadNow Program in exchange for an honest review*

Caterina is a delicious romance to snuggle up with during cold evenings in front of my fireplace, especially after stuffing myself this Thanksgiving. This novel can be read anytime between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, and I highly recommend any fan of romance to do so.

For some reason, I especially love romances that start with two lovebirds who don’t like each other, yet feel simmering attraction to one another. I enjoy watching the snarky, biting remarks shift to reluctant admittance that, “OK, so-and-so isn’t as bad as I thought,” to declarations of love. It’s fun to see two characters grow to love one another. I also think the best kinds of love stories are the ones that surprise you. Caterina Bonavera and Liam Dougherty are the epitome of this couple.

Caterina “Cat” is the head-strong, opinionated, orderly chef intent on getting her life back on track; she has already been derailed recently by losing both parents and a rough break-up. So she focuses all her energies on the future restaurant and business with her three sisters. What she doesn’t plan for is sexy contractor Liam, who is irritated by her demanding updates on the building project. With forced professionalism, they simply want to get through the project and then never see each other again.

However, when Cat meets Liam’s daughter Riley, she can’t help but notice a different side to Liam; a kind and loving one, single-father doing everything to ensure his daughter’s happiness. Watching Cat with Riley shows Liam that this irritating woman isn’t all sharp edges and sharp tongue. What begins as begrudging respect soon becomes a passionate romance when Cat and Liam can no longer deny an attraction to one another. And when faced with a challenge, they must learn to work through it together, rather than against one another.

Aside from the couple, I love the bond between the Bonavera sisters. It’s an authentic, genuine bond; I have two sisters, and I saw a lot of similarities between our sisterly relationship and the Bonaveras’.

Another favorite character of mine is the meddlesome ghost Aunt Rosa, who seems determined to get Cat and Liam together. Aunt Rosa is fan of implementing locks on doors to get what she wants, and her antics had me cracking up throughout the story.

This is only the second book in Patricia Paris’s romance series about the Bonavera sisters, the first book being Lucia, which focuses on Cat’s sister Lucia. I’m currently reading Lucia after reading Caterina. I haven’t gotten enough of the Bonavera sisters yet. It seems the next installment will be Eliana and I intend on keeping an eye out for it. I’m the most eager for Marcella though since, of all the Bonavera sisters, she’s the one who’s the most like me.

So on December 4, grab a copy of Caterina (and maybe Lucia, too) to read this holiday season. Or better yet, buy it as a gift for a loved one who loves romance novels. I highly recommend this book.

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