About me

Rebecca Fischer writer book author

Rebecca Fischer is a young writer/cat lady who lives in a sleepy town in the Sierra Nevada foothills with a bunch of cows and currently two cats.


Before turning to writing, she was an amateur cartoonist as a child and thought about being one when she grew up. One of her favorites she drew were the Cat Savers which was a bit of a copy-cat of the Sailor Moon series, except with more cats and focused mainly on her and her friends saving her hometown rather than the entire universe. A popular series she drew in the sixth grade was Cool Jack which started off as a knock-off of Garfield, but soon developed into a story about a cat’s life with his kitty wife and kittens, and his elderly owner and her spunky granddaughter. Neither series were ever published, and original work has probably been lost.


Her publication experience includes working in production at a weekly newspaper and writing the column "Mother Lode Millennial," compiling a quarterly newsletter for a local agricultural organization, and posting some first drafts of incomplete stories on WattPad with the user name “Attempting2Write” including a YA Fantasy about teenagers shifting into magical cats.


She has an Associate degree in English from a local community college and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing with a focus in nonfiction from SNHU. When she isn’t writing, she works as a fifth-generation rancher. She does her best to be a decent cowgirl, but to be honest, she’s still not very good at it, which is why she’s trying to be a writer.


She is not married with children, but her nieces and nephew claim that she is their favorite aunt, and her Viking boyfriend is rather fond of her. Her cats like her, too.