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2024: A General Life Update

Four years. It's been four years since I've posted on this website. It may seem like I've not been up to much, but the fact is, my life has been going a thousand miles per hour and I've just been trying to keep up.

2020: The pandemic. Enough said.

2021: Working from home continued to be crazy and super time consuming. I also got married.

2022: Work was still crazy. Then I bought a house that required a deep-gut renovation. I then had my first baby toward the end of the year.

2023: I desperately tried to balance working full-time from home while raising my infant daughter full-time. It was too much and I was suffering from some major burnout. So instead, I transitioned into freelance writing and proofreading instead. I took a course from Edit Republic to brush up on my proofreading skills and it's been fun and helpful to be part of that community. And for fun, I started a food blog where I only share recipes that use canned fish and frozen seafood.

2024: At present, I've been hard at work building up my online writing portfolio and restructuring this website to focus a bit more on my proofreading and editing services. The past month or so, I've also been sending my children's book out to publishers for consideration. On top of it all, I'm also pregnant with my second baby and just trying to keep up with my very active toddler.

So as usual, life is crazy, but many exciting things are in store for me this year. Will I be better about updating? Meh, probably not. But that's ok. Thanks for stopping by and checking in.

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