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Boox by Me

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Dear Gen_Wattpad.jpg

Dear Gen: A love letter

Genre: Nonfiction

Status: Work in progress

She was a city girl from San Francisco. He was a cowboy from the California foothills. Met by chance, brought together through letters. Though the lovers are gone, the letters remain. This is their love story. And mine.

The Lilac Bottle 2.jpg

The Lilac Bottle

Genre: Fiction/ChickLit

Status: Work in progress

Moira is restless. After her father's death and her mother subsequent abandonment of her and her twin sister, Sadie, when they were little girls, she found solace at her grandmother's lavender farm. Sara and Gram are the only family she's ever known, so even though she has a strong desire to travel outside of their small dusty town, she's determined to not leave them behind. Sadie, who's own dream came true when she married, finally convinces Moira that it's time to chase and fulfill her own dream of travelling.

Intending to travel through Europe by train, Moira embarks on her trip determined to get this wanderlust out of her system and go home.  After a handsome stranger derails her plans in Austria, however, Moira finds herself more at home than she ever felt. Her connection to the food, the land, the culture, and Hans has her questioning if she's finally found the life that will ground her restless spirit.

A sudden emergency back home interrupts her summer romance, and Moira must leave Austria, promising Hans she will return. She returns to her sister, only to discover Sadie has been keeping a secret from her, one that forces her to choose between the family who's always been there for her - ghosts and all - and the life she so badly want with Hans back in Austria.

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