Boox by Me

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Dear Gen: A love letter

Genre: Nonfiction

Status: Work in progress

She was a city girl from San Francisco. He was a cowboy from the California foothills. Met by chance, brought together through letters. Though the lovers are gone, the letters remain. This is their love story. And mine.

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The Lilac Bottle

Genre: Fiction/ChickLit

Status: Work in progress

Marie is a wanderer. Young, restless, and eager to explore the world outside her small town in California and her family's lilac farm, she embarks on a trip to Europe all on her own. Though her destination is ultimately Italy, a handsome stranger derails her plans. Austrian Hans is returning home to his own farm in the countryside, and his calm, steady demeanor grounds Marie is a way no man ever has. Spur of the moment, Marie decides to spend the rest of her summer with Hans and his family. As summer continues on, she and the handsome farm boy fall further and further in love.

However, an emergency back home stalls her summer romance, and Marie returns to discover her sister has been keeping a secret from her, one that forces her to choose between her family in her hometown, and her love Hans back in Austria

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